The Red Badge Project

Mission Statement

The Red Badge Project supports Wounded Warriors in the journey to reconstruct their individual sense of purpose, understanding of self-worth, and place in community, as they discover and give voice to their unique stories.

Core Outcomes

Improved self-acceptance and personal efficacy

Participants discover greater self-acceptance and efficacy as they find their voice, and produce stories inspired by their life experiences.

Improved communication and writing skills

Participants understand the creative process and utilize a variety of tools to express themselves within and beyond the classroom.

Improved sense of community

Participants feel safe within and beyond the classroom through outreach to participants’ families, peers and the larger community.


The Red Badge Project was co-founded in 2012 by former Army Captain Evan Bailey and Tom Skerritt (movie and television star who also happens to be an Air Force veteran). The faculty is composed of incredibly talented instructors.

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