The Red Badge Project

Using the fundamentals of Storytelling, in concert with current military psychiatric programs, The Red Badge Project encourages soldiers to rediscover self-trust, to believe in the value of their experiences, and to realize that theirs is a story worth telling, in their own voice.

Our Courses

In concert with current military psychiatric programs, The Red Badge Project engages active-duty service personnel and veterans of all conflicts through the fundamentals of Storytelling.

Main Course

The Red Badge Project: Main Course

Housed on the UW Tacoma campus, this extraordinary course includes poetry, photography, song or filmography, multimedia writing, oral history and documentary production. Participants receive university credit, which translates directly to points toward military promotion, assisting those who continue their military careers while jumpstarting and inspiring those who will soon leave military service to pursue higher learning. Beyond material support for classrooms and equipment, this partnership signifies and strengthens the bond between transitioning Red Badge Project students and the community they call home.

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In Your Voice

In Your Voice

In Your Voice, supports Military Service Members and Veterans as they learn introductory storytelling skills, and expand to more advanced storytelling techniques, delving deeper into the understanding of their own stories.

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Women's Voices

Women’s Voices

This generative workshop series, female veterans, in a safe environment, follow their desire for the story as a woman writes, oriented to their own inclinations, subjects and craft. Introduced are women’s stories, ones that avoid the tropes of masculine action.

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Core Outcomes

Improved self-acceptance and personal efficacy

Participants discover greater self-acceptance and efficacy as they find their voice, and produce stories inspired by their life experiences.

Improved communication and writing skills

Participants understand the creative process and utilize a variety of tools to express themselves within and beyond the classroom.

Improved sense of community

Participants feel safe within and beyond the classroom through outreach to participants’ families, peers and the larger community.

Want to Participate?

All course participants are referred to The Red Badge Project from our Vet Center Partners and Task Force Phoenix at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Please contact your VA Center for assistance in attending any of The Red Badge Project courses.

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