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Press Release

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Red Badge Project is proud to announce an exciting adventure! One year ago The Red Badge Project initiated its unique learning experience, which utilizes the power of storytelling in its many forms, to empower wounded, ill or injured Soldiers as they journey to reconstruct their individual sense of purpose, understanding of self-worth, and place in community.

This August we will begin to teach classes at the University of Washington, Tacoma! We are confident that the experience of being on a college campus will inspire Wounded Warriors to further their education once they enter our community as civilians. And that’s not all, to help them get started the University has agreed to donate two credits to each Red Badge graduate!

The Red Badge Project believes that each Wounded Warrior has the right to share their unique stories in their own voice, and thus we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We invite you to listen, look and share these wonderful expressions of self with friends everywhere.

As we begin our second year of classes we can’t be more excited about what the future holds, not only for The Red Badge Project, but for the Soldiers we serve. As always, we thank you for being a part of our journey and thank you so much for your support.


With great appreciation,

Evan Bailey

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