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Red Badge as a Gift

Red Badge Project Ammo Case Student Production Essay

By Vanessa Kuljis

Most people can’t fathom telling someone else their deepest, darkest, secrets, or their most painful experiences, but for those of us in Red Badge, it is a common occurrence. We have become a tight-knit family that has built trust between us. Aside from Warren, the leader of the group, we are all veterans so we share a similar mentality as well as difficulties which first set the stage for our trust.

As for myself, I have had a rough life and have developed serious trust issues, but Red Badge has helped me to rely on others again. I can’t thank Warren Etheredge, Tom Skerrit, and Evan Bailey enough for what they have done for us veterans with PTSD and TBI’s. Warren is first and foremost for me since he helped me to get past my years-long writer’s block. As for Tom and Evan, I can’t thank them enough for founding Red Badge.

However, it is the members in our Red Badge family that I want to thank the most. They have helped me to learn how to trust again, by trusting me with their pain and anguish through their stories. It has also helped me to know I am not alone in my own painful experiences. It is hard to point to any one individual who has made an impact on me in the group since all of them have in one way or another.

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