Impact of Writing

The below excerpt is from Sarah Blum’s article from December 5, 2023, on the Author’s Magazine website. You can find full the piece here.

Writing in the Red Badge class has led to me being able to complete my book: Warrior Nurse: PTSD and Healing and have a publisher willing to publish it. As part of the class, we have the opportunity to share our writing in a theater to a live audience. I never would have thought speaking out what I wrote would be as power-filled and healing as it has been. Each time I do one of those, I believe I can do it without crying, but that has never been the case. The tears come up as soon as I am speaking to a live audience. Their responses and acceptance have been more healing than I could have ever imagined, helping me trust the power of my writing by  seeing and hearing the impact it has on others.

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