Women’s Voices

sonja Lea Red Badge ProjectHow might we transform our life’s memories into art?

In this generative workshop series, we follow our own desire for the story that we, as women might write, in a safe environment oriented to our own inclinations, subjects, and craft. Introduced are women’s stories, ones that avoid the tropes of masculine action. We read, study, and tell women’s stories in our own voices because they are the way to define and claim a self. We create ways to stay open to the possibility that the act of writing might fundamentally change us.

This course runs weekly for 6 weeks at the Federal Vet Center.

Want to Participate?

All course participants are referred to The Red Badge Project from our Vet Center Partners and Task Force Phoenix at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Please contact your VA Center  for assistance in attending any of The Red Badge Project courses. Select here to learn about other courses.

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