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Uplifting Hope

by Robert Park

I guess, as a teacher, I see the greatest hope in children.  The younger ones have yet to be contaminated by the world around them, and are amazingly free thinking.  As a teacher you try to stimulate their imagination and talk about analyzing situations.  As they grow older today’s children are much more socially conscious and are willing to speak out when they feel there has been an unjust action taken.  They want to be involved and definitely want to be heard! You just need to really listen – No lip service accepted!

Again, as a teacher, you should always let your words pass through a three stage filter:  Is it true!  Is it necessary! And is it kind!

I have seen first hand  how some children have become damaged by the actions (or inactions) of some adults around them.  Some to the point that they have given up hope and would even try to take their own lives.  But still there is a resiliance and strength in these children that, if nurtured, can turn their despair into hope, and in doing so, that rekindles my own hope in them.

F – E – A – R  has two meanings:

“Forget Everything And Run” OR “Face Everything And Rise”  The choice is theirs – Support and Love are the tools needed.  Too much love never spoils a child.  Children become spoiled when we substitute presents for presence.

When you are a teacher, you never really know the true impact you have on the children around you.  You never know how much your kindness turned a child’s life around.  And you never know how much a child needed that long hug or deep talk.  So don’t wait to be kind, or for someone to change.  Just be kind, because you don’t really know how much that child needs it.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take.  It is measured by the moments that take our breath away.  At one time there was no hope in me.  But that changed when I started working with young people and began to see the great potential there.  Now my life is beyond measure.  There is an old Indian adage that says, “Those of us, the dreamers will Dance upon the wind and in the rain” and I would add, “make angles in the snow – Live young and free!

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